Tap into your creative writing skills, and work with us. As a growing content hub, we welcome new and professional writers who are passionate about their craft, and who wants to engage a larger audience and influence the world. As a contributor, you get the chance to collaborate with experienced editors, work in a flexible working environment while honing your professional writing skills.


Health and wellness are explored and covered comprehensively by our team. Our writers and contributors write about healthy recipes, personal and professional transformations and advice pieces that can help readers improve and boost their health, happiness, relationships and communication. Here, we also put a strong focus on nutrition and beauty advice. For the health buffs out there, we also write about yoga, fitness and exercise routines. When it comes to wellness and healthy living, you can count on our content team to deliver the contents and articles you need.


  • Beauty and make-up. The articles are designed to provide help and guidance to readers looking to improve their looks  through the application of make-up and other beauty products. Here, you can draft articles and guides on how to apply and use natural beauty care products. We put a premium on green and non-toxic beauty products, so it is advised that you  keep in mind that you readers know these products, and you will provide them more in-depth coverage, especially on its use and applications.
  • Food and recipes. It all starts with a teaser paragraph, and engage your readers  by telling them how the dish can be served, and why this is a personal favorite. It is recommended that posted recipes should include all the necessary details, from serving sizes, measurement of ingredients and even images. Keep in mind that the posting of images is subject to photo guidelines.
  • Wellness and workout routines. Exercise routines from Yoga to other specific exercise programs are welcome, but these should come with relevant information and specific guides on how to complete each routine. Think that your readers are just discovering these new exercises, but they are fit and healthy to start with. Again, the use of photos is advised, subject to the same standards, or you can include a 3-minute video to accompany the articles and reviews.
  • Personal insights and essays. Use your life experiences to inform, engage and inspire readers. For example, you can focus on one point of your life where you have managed to achieve something great, or you managed to undergo a transformation. It should be honest, true and personal, and try to highlight some of you struggles so your readers can relate you. The challenge is to tell a story that connects with the readers, and inspire them to take action along the way!

The challenge for our writers is to connect and engage our readers, and the best way to make it happen is by writing in a conversational, informative and inclusive tone. Give value to your readers, and let them feel that you are one with them in their struggles, vulnerabilities and the desire to achieve change. For guidance, you can check our previous postings so you can learn more about the tone, theme and flow of the articles. Sarcasm and use of inappropriate words have no place in our platform.


What You Should Do:

  • Originality matters. Make sure that all your texts and contributions are original, and have not been published elsewhere.
  • Add value to the conversations. There’s a big chance that some topics have been already covered. If this is the case, make sure that you can add value to the conversations, or add something new that can he helpful to readers.
  • Health claims and researches should be properly cited. Facts, studies and researches should be properly cited. This is true as well for statistics, and for other health claims. In making links, make sure you link with credible news agencies, academic and scientific papers and journals. Links should be placed in brackets.
  • Attach photos to your articles and essays.
  • Use a compelling title to engage readers. Readers should be motivated to click and read the articles. Ask a few questions when  creating titles- Will this solve a reader’s problem? How can my personal essay help a person change a part of his life?
  • Opening statements should be short, concise and informative. Remember, some readers have a short attention span, or they are often faced with .a number  of online distractions. Again, certain questions must be raised-Is the first sentence interesting enough to keep readers on the page? Is your first paragraph loaded with information?
  • Tips and step-by-step guides are highly recommended. For example, you can say: Inhale, and count to 8, then exhale as you count to 8 again. Instead of saying: Inhale, exhale. Your readers will appreciate the precise instructions, and how you understand their needs.
  • Use your own voice when writing content. Think of your readers as a friend waiting and listening to your advice and insights.

What You Should Not Do:

  • Submit articles and essays that are loaded with keywords for SEO purposes. Before we market, we inform, and put the needs of readers first. If the writer provides a short bio with a link to their business or it contains a direct marketing pitch, then this will be rejected.
  • No hyperlink please. If you must cite, place that in brackets.

Here’s how you can submit through e-mail:

  • Send us your post/articles with a title. This should be included in the e-mail’s body.
  • Attach relevant images to accompany the post, and should not be pasted. The images should be yours. Please refer to our guidelines.
  • The bio should be 120 words, max. You can provide links to your social media websites, but these are placed in brackets.
  • Include your photo in the bio.


  • Make sure to submit one post/essay at a time. Every submission made is read and reviewed, and since we have a small team, we can’t respond to all messages or submissions. If reviewed and accepted, our team will send a response after 2 weeks. If no posting has been made, it means that we have decided not to include the post. You may submit another post or entry after 2 weeks.


  • All contributions should include photos, with a minimum of 850 pixels by 400 pixels. A complete requirement and details for all photos can be read at the guidelines for photography document.
  • We value original photos that will accompany all exercise and fitness articles and photos. Each photo must be properly labeled, informing the reader the type of activity or poses shown or demonstrated. If you can provide a short video (less than 3 minutes), then this will be included in your post as well.
  • When submitting recipes, an original and high-resolution image of the completed dish should be included.
  • We strive to provide high-quality and relevant photos for our recipes. To make this happen, please remember a few tips before clicking submit:
  • Photos should be captured in landscape format, in natural daylight
  • It should be captured in a clean, orderly and natural working surfaces like natural wood, white or natural marble. You can also use slate and linen.
  • When taking photos, make sure that the food should be the focal point, with minimal decorations or add-ons. Of course, we allow the use of other accents and props, like a delicately placed napkin.
  • Please limit close up shots since these will not give your creations character, and will not come alive.
  • For proper guidance, you can always refer to some sample pictures. Thank you.